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 Bob the Triceratops


This specimen was excavated on private land in Bowman County, North Dakota in 2003. All of us at Hell Creek Relics have been making progress on Bob ever since and we're within a few months of completion. Bob is from the Cretaceous Period in the Hell Creek formation dated to sixty-five million years old. Bob's skull measures seven feet, two inches from the back of the frill to the tip of the rostrum. It is by far the largest skull we have ever seen. We believe this would be the largest triceratops skeleton out there at twenty-six feet. We have twenty-one out of twenty-four of the largest bones of its body so by bone mass we are well over ninety percent complete. Because it is typical to be missing some of the smaller bones the bone count is still extraordinary at seventy percent. His left femur is four inches longer than the right which is unusual and gives him some definite character.

Bones colored in red are original bones that we have

2010 - present

2010 - present

Bob's List of Bones

The following bone list is true and accurate to the best of my ability
for the triceritops known as "Bob".

Major Bones of the Body:


Rear Representation:


Right Femur    Present
Left Femur    Present

Right Tibia    Present
Left Tibia     Present

Right Fibula    Present
Left Fibula     Present

Right Illia    Present
Left Illia    Present

Right Pubis    Present
Left Pubis    Present

Right Ishia    Present
Left Ishia    Present

Sacrum: all 10 fused vertabrae     Present


 Front Representation:


Right Scapula    Present
Left Scapula    Present

Right Corioid    Present
Left Coricoid    Not Present

Right Humerus    Present
Left Humerus    Not Present

Right Radius    Present
Left Radius    Not Present

Right Ulna    Present
Left Ulna    Present

Neck block: all fused vertabrae    Present



Right Brow Horn    Present
Left Brow Horn    Present
Nose Horn    Present

Right Squamosal    Present
Left Squamosal    Present

Parietal    Present

Right Maxilla    Not Present
Left Maxilla     Not Present

Right Jaw    Present
Left Jaw    Present


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